Monday 26 December 2022

2022 Garden Moth review: Jul-Dec.

 The second half of the year kept on giving and the notable species tally ticked over steadily, with July being as lively as ever...

01/07: Gypsonoma oppressana (Poplar Shoot). 

Only the 3rd for the garden, the others in 2019/20, this 'Nationally Scarce B' species was only recorded 4 other times (adults) across the county this year, so definitely pleased to see it again.

Gypsonoma oppressana (Poplar Shoot)

02/07: White-line Dart (Euxoa tritici).

An intermittent visitor to the garden for sure!

2017 = nil

2018 = nil

2019 = 8

2020 = 2

2021 = nil

2022 = 3

White-line Dart (Euxoa tritici)

08/07: Apotomis turbidana (White-shouldered Marble).

Only 2nd garden record, first 2yrs ago in 2020.

Apotomis turbidana (White-shouldered Marble)

08/07: Epermenia chaerophyllella (Garden Lance-wing).

NFG/10ksq and quite a treat to have such a well marked individual.

Epermenia chaerophyllella (Garden Lance-wing)

08/07: Ruddy Carpet (Catarhoe rubidata).

Corrr, did I enjoy this one. A significant catch whichever way you look at it really, be it garden, 10ksq, VC, county, ME! One of those I've gawped at in the field guides, hoping my day would come and this year, it did. A lifer for me, NFG/10ksq and even though it looked like it'd survived a cycle in the washing machine, it had me beaming! Talk about lightning striking twice and all that, would you believe, 2 nights later I had a 2nd - and definitely different - individual in the trap. This one with bolder markings but still far from fresh. Perhaps indicating that neither were exactly locals? There was 1 other record from neighbouring VC27 (E.Norfolk) for this year and that was it. Superb.

Ruddy Carpet (Catarhoe rubidata)

Ruddy Carpet (map with thanks to

10/07: Brown Scallop (Philereme vetulata).

Does what says on the tin. Brown and scalloped. 

Only 1 previous record for me here (2019). I went on to get another a couple nights later. Clearly a punctual species - my 3 records are all within 2 nights of each other!

Brown Scallop (Philereme vetulata)

10/07: Dingy Shears (Apterogenum ypsillon).

2nd for the garden, first in 2020.

Dingy Shears (Apterogenum ypsillon)

10/07: Mere Wainscot (Photedes fluxa).

3rd garden record. Previous 2 trapped in 2019/20.

Mere Wainscot (Photedes fluxa)

10/07: Juniper Pug (Eupithecia pusillata).

ah, Pugs. Love them or hate them - and I love them, ONCE I've ID'd them - they are pretty cool. Juniper Pug was NFG/10ksq and a lifer for me too. There were only a total of 4 recorded in Norfolk this year (other 3 by one person at one site) which made this all the more special and unexpected!

Juniper Pug (Eupithecia pusillata)

10/07: Platytes alpinella (Hook-tipped Grass-veneer).

The night of July 10th just kept on giving, with this 'Nationally Scarce B' Crambid showing up after an absence last year. I've generally done quite well with this species, recording 3 in 2019, 1 in 2020 and this one.

Platytes alpinella (Hook-tipped Grass-veneer)

11/07: Clouded Magpie (Abraxas sylvata).

A bumper year here for Clouded Magpie, by my standards, anyway.

2017 = 2

2018 = 1

2019 = nil

2020 = nil

2021 = nil

2022 = 5(!)

What a Moth though!

Clouded Magpie (Abraxas sylvata)

 11/07: Round-winged Muslin (Thumatha senex).

Not a rarity but wanted to include it because I just like them. Another species nowhere to be seen last year and only actually ever caught 6 others, all over 2019/2020. They remind me of the Psychodidae, a completely different order of insect and vastly bigger in size. The Moth, that is.

Round-winged Muslin (Thumatha senex)

12/07: Coleophora mayrella (Meadow Case-bearer).

2nd record here. The first, last year, was trapped within 5 days of this date. One of the few Coleophora's that can be ID'd in the field, thanks to their distinct antennae. This one decided not to hang around for a photoshoot...


12/07: Ypsolopha sequella (Pied Smudge).

Until this year, I'd only recorded sequella here twice before (2018/21). Ended up trapping another this year, putting the garden total to 4 individuals.

Ypsolopha sequella (Pied Smudge)


15/07: Aethes rubigana (Burdock Conch).

 3rd garden record, the first 2 in 2017/18.

Aethes rubigana (Burdock Conch)

15/07: Acrobasis suavella (Thicket Knot-horn).

NFG & 10ksq, this Blackthorn feeding Pyralid was surely overdue here. Good to see it.

Acrobasis suavella (Thicket Knot-horn)

16/07: Oak Eggar (Lasiocampa quercus).

This may be a surprising one to most of you that see 00's of these but this one was only the 3rd ever here. You have to go back to 2018/19 for the first 2! 

Oak Eggar (Lasiocampa quercus)

16/07: Acrobasis advenella (Grey Knot-horn).

A singleton this year after a few other previous records. Pretty much showing a biennial pattern here:

2017 = nil

2018 = 2

2019 = nil

2020 = 1

2021 = nil

2022 = 1

Acrobasis advenella (Grey Knot-horn)

16/07: Tinea pellionella (Case-bearing Clothes Moth).

 One of the very few species to actually feed on wool/fur/your carpets etc but thankfully, of the few records I have of it here, only this one was actually found indoors and luckily for our furnishings, the only one. The others were all actracted to the garden trap.

Tinea pellionella (Case-bearing Clothes Moth)

17/07: Lesser-spotted Pinion (Cosmia affinis).

M.I.A. the last couple of years, after a peak year of 3 records in 2019 so was nice to see again. Ended up with 2 in total this year.

Lesser-spotted Pinion (Cosmia affinis)

17/07: Zelleria hepariella (Brown Ash Ermine).

Despite a single, well established Ash tree the other side of our house, this was a first showing for this distinctive little Ash feeder and also new for 10ksq. Such a unique resting posture too, opting for the head-down, arse-up position (not in my pic).

Zelleria hepariella (Brown Ash Ermine)

18/07: Oxyptilus distans (Breckland Plume).

I do enjoy the Plumes. Hardly Moth-looking at all but look closely and they leave you even more astounded. Breckland Plume can be found readily in the Brecks (believe it or not!) and across the County but for the 10ksq, this was only the 3rd record. 

Oxyptilus distans (Breckland Plume)

18/07: Bucculatrix thoracella (Lime Bent-wing).

NFG and what a brilliant little Moth thoracella is. Surely the most vibrant of the Bucculatrix and so as miniscule as these are, that yellow stands out a mile! 

Bucculatrix thoracella (Lime Bent-wing)

18/07: Nemapogon clematella (Barred White Clothes Moth).

A second NFG in one night - clematella! A striking tineid and one I'd been wanting to see for a while. Also new for 10ksq. 

Nemapogon clematella (Barred White Clothes Moth)

18/07: Ypsolopha ustella (Variable Smudge).

An Oak feeder that's nationally common and covers most of Norfolk but this was still only the 2nd garden records, with the first only appearing last year. I wonder if it'll return again in 2023, indicating a gradual spread?..

Ypsolopha ustella (Variable Smudge)

19/07: Clavigesta purdeyi (Pine Leaf-mining Moth).

2nd garden record here, the first back in 2018. I've still not knowingly found the mines on Pine but have tried...must try harder!

Clavigesta purdeyi (Pine Leaf-mining Moth)

19/07: Pammene aurita (Sycamore Piercer).

This was the 4th I've had here but only the 2nd attracted to light, so worth looking a little closer at. The other two were day observations, attracted to two different pheromone lures.

2017 = nil.

2018 = 1 (to 125w MV Robinson trap)

2019 = day obs. Attracted to 'MYO' lure intended for Red-belted Clearwing.

2020 = day obs. Attracted to 'HYL' lure intended for Raspberry Clearwing.

2021 = nil.

2022 =  1 (to 125w MV Robinson trap) 

Pammene aurita (Sycamore Piercer)

19/07: Spilonota ocellana (Bud Moth).

2nd for garden. First record only last year.

Spilonota ocellana (Bud Moth)

30/07: Celypha rosaceana (Roseate Marble).

With only 2 previous records of this little pink treasure, I managed to double that total this year, after another 2 showed up in Jul & Aug. This particular one was too shy (and fast) for a photoshoot, so here's a shot from one of the others:

Celypha rosaceana (Roseate Marble)

01/08: Cryptoblabes bistriga (Double-striped Knot-horn).

As 'Knot-horns' go, bistriga is a bit of a looker with awesome colouring. 2019 was my one and only record here, until this year when a single turned up in the trap to kick August off well.

Cryptoblabes bistriga (Double-striped Knot-horn)

02/08: Pearly Underwing (Peridroma saucia).

With this Pearly Underwing came the first sniff of migrant action for 2022. I'd often been surprised to have not bumped into it at all before, afterall, it's a regular visitor to our shores and there're no shortage of Norfolk records, wherever you are. After 5-6yrs of blanking, I finally saw the first for garden, followed around 2 weeks later by a busses!

Pearly Underwing (Peridroma saucia)

Pearly Underwing (Peridroma saucia)

07/08: Bordered Straw (Heliothis peltigera).

After trapping no shortage of SCARCE Bordered Straw (Helicoverpa armigera), this was yet another migrant I'd never seen here until now. This was NFG and also 10ksq at the time. My Dad @kerrmick, who is in the same 10ksq, also had his garden first to light about a week later.

Bordered Straw (Heliothis peltigera)

15/08: Metalampra italica (Italian Tubic).

The bulk of Norfolk records are in neighbouring VC27 but must surely be making it's way West. I've only ever actually seen italica once before, down in Surrey/Hants. This one however, was NFG and 10ksq.

Metalampra italica (Italian Tubic)

18/08: Palpita vitrealis (Olive-tree Pearl).

I have a soft spot for this lovely Crambid. It was the first migrant I remember catching not long after I first started Mothing about 11yrs ago. I remember quite vividly, it was before we even had a trap and mothing consisted of an MV bulb on a white sheet and having to sit out to actually net whatever was about. It's silky, almost transparent wings reflected the 125watts of light back from up high, like a flying LED, as it circled down from the sky to my net.

I'd not seen one since, until this year, in what would turn out to be a bloody good year for migrants. This was NFG and 10ksq and followed by a 2nd a couple months later, in October!

Palpita vitrealis (Olive-tree Pearl)

Palpita vitrealis (Olive-tree Pearl)

Palpita vitrealis (Olive-tree Pearl)

19/08: Convolvulus Hawk-moth (Agrius convolvuli). 

Now I apologise now, for I've been going on about Convolvulus Hawks all year BUT for good reason! Went to a lot of effort to attract my first last year and was made up when I ended 2021 seeing 2. This year was out of this world. Phenomenal. I saw 25 in the garden and ended up colour marking a lot of them. I wont repeat myself to those who know what unfolded but the write up on colour marking Convolvulus can be found HERE.

Convolvulus Hawk-moth (Agrius convolvuli)

23/08: Gold Spot (Plusia festucae).

A common species but another random visitor here and well, who doesn't like a Gold Spot?!

2017 = nil.

2018 = 2

2019 = nil.

2020 = 2

2021 = nil.

2022 = 1

Gold Spot (Plusia festucae)

24/08: Scarce Bordered Straw (Helicoverpa armigera).

A migrant, absent the last couple of years but made up for this year:

2017 = 1

2018 = nil.

2019 = 3

2020 = nil.

2021 = nil.

2022 = 3

Scarce Bordered Straw (Helicoverpa armigera)

Scarce Bordered Straw (Helicoverpa armigera)

02/09: Loxostege sticticalis (Diamond-spot Pearl).

There was a mega influx of sticticalis across the UK this year and while I was hearing about all the others dropping in across Norfolk, all I could do was cross fingers and hope I'd be next. On Sep 2nd, I was. Result!

Loxostege sticticalis (Diamond-spot Pearl)

03/09: Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria).

The migrants kept dropping in and after just a single Vestal back in 2017, the garden saw 3(!) drop in this year. How such a dainty Moth covers so many miles in once piece, is simply amazing!

Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria)

Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria)

11/09: Ancylosis oblitella (Saltmarsh Knot-horn).

Now I have to be honest, oblitella wasn't really on my radar until fellow mothing friend, James Lowen, tweeted about catching a new for 10ksq individual about 3 days before this one. I was struck by the size of it - much smaller than most of the 'Knot-horns' but dinky or not, this Nationally Scarce B Moth was NFG and 10ksq here as well.

Ancylosis oblitella (Saltmarsh Knot-horn)

Ancylosis oblitella (Saltmarsh Knot-horn)

21/09: Ypsolopha sylvella (Wood Smudge).

There were less than 10 County records this year, for sylvella so I was chuffed to bits to be able to add one of those to the garden list. 

Ypsolopha sylvella (Wood Smudge)

04/10: Clifden Nonpareil (Catocala fraxini).

So the calendar ticks over to October and just a few nights into it, I'm greeted by a ma-hoosive grey beast inside the trap. No mistaking this beheMOTH and an accidental knock to the trap reveals THAT blue hindwing flash to ward me off. It was quite reassuring actually, to have a reason to believe that my first, last year, might not be just a one-off. Maybe next year will back that up further?..

Clifden Nonpareil (Catocala fraxini)

Clifden Nonpareil (Catocala fraxini)

20/10: Delicate (Mythimna vitellina).

The migrant count steadily ticks over again, with the appearance of a Delicate. Only the 2nd for garden. The first back in 2018.

Delicate (Mythimna vitellina)

22/10: Streak (Chesias legatella).

What a funny year - in a positive way - I had for Streak this year. Just check out these record:

2017 = 2

2018 = 2

2019 = 1

2020 = nil.

2021 = nil.

2022 = 18(!)

Streak (Chesias legatella)

27/10: Blair's Mocha (Cyclophora puppillaria).

Contender for Moth of the year, for me. What a turn up for the books! Only 3rd ever for Norfolk and completely unexpected. Map/data again, with thanks to Jim Wheeler (

Blair's Mocha (Cyclophora puppillaria)

Blair's Mocha (Cyclophora puppillaria)

Blair's Mocha (Cyclophora puppillaria)

29/10: Crocidosema plebejana (Southern Bell).

Not just 1 but 2 plebejana here this year and they were 2 of only 10 County records in total. NFG and 10ksq, the two I had were rather different in appearance, with one sporting a more desert camo colour.

Crocidosema plebejana (Southern Bell)

Crocidosema plebejana (Southern Bell)

So that about wraps it up. If you're still reading - thanks! The trap was still running through a lot of November and cherry-picked nights of December but nothing more of note to add. Now to get through the dissections from the year and hopefully add some more decent records from those.

Happy Mothing folks!

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